With the purchase of a Brain Gauge home version we can deliver telehealth services for our Brain Repair Protocol and CAP Baseline Testing.  You can test as often as you like and there is only a charge for a Brain Repair Protocol re-assessment!  You can also test up to 5 family members.

CAP Brain Gain @ Home Programs

We have also developed the CAP Brain Gain Programs to tap into your brain’s endless capacity for optimizing every aspect of your life.
  • Sports Brain Mapping 4 CAPletes
  • CAP Cognitive Harmony
  • CAP Fall Prevention
  • Minding Your Matter in Your Twilight Years


As a Certified CAP Partner we also provide online education inclusive in our services. Education is one part of our strategy that empowers you to improve and maintain optimal health. We have eLearning courses about everything from brain health, concussions and traumatic brain injuries, advanced concussion rehabilitation therapies, sleep, and other facets of physical and mental wellness. 

Brain Gauge At Home
Brain Gauge Home Version - $499 USD