Brain Repair Protocol 4 Concussions

CAP Health was born out of the necessity to deliver objective, measurable, science-based interventions and treatments to mTBI and concussion patients.

The Concussion in Sport Group acknowledges that “the science of concussion is incomplete and therefore management and and return-to-play decisions lie largely in the realm of clinical judgement on an individualised basis.”

This program implements a comprehensive questionnaire, the Symptom Tree, a cervical spine assessment, a vestibular/oculomotor screening assessment, the Brain Gauge technology and a CAPcare Plan. The Brain Gauge™ technology allows us to assess regions in your brain that may be affected from the inciting injury. This eliminates the bias and subjectivity of concussion screens that are widely used in measuring true readiness to progress in your activities, whether in school, at work or in sport. The Brain Repair Protocol provides a true ‘no baseline needed’ assessment and removes the guesswork for a return to sport protocol.


The Symptom Tree was designed with input from Neurologists, Chiropractors, Ophthalmologists, and Naturopaths and is the first assessment we do. 

The Symptom Tree gathers pertinent physiological data, genetic indicators, injury history and symptoms you are experiencing. This data is compared to the functional communication map of your brain which is generated upon completion of the Brain Gauge test. Your physiological state, such as insulin resistance or migraines, and how your concussion symptoms relate to the map, play a large role in promoting brain regeneration or, hindering it.


The Brain Gauge™

There are eight different cognitive spheres tested – Accuracy, Fatigue, Time Perception, Focus, Speed, Plasticity, Connectivity, and Temporal Order Judgement (TOJ). These spheres indicate communication between different areas in the brain and different forms of possible dysfunction.

Brain Gauge has the unique ability to deliver precise stimulus to exact locations within the brain (without conscious involvement from the patient), and measure how the brain processes these stimuli. Scores can reflect issues other than brain trauma such as nutritional imbalances, specific neurotransmitter levels, or a slow cognitive decline.

Brain Gauge was developed by our partner, Neuroscientist, Dr. Mark Tommerdahl of corticalmetrics. It is widely used by NASA, the US military, and in clinical research boasting over 122 papers published.

Brain Gauge At Home

CAPcare Plan™

There have been many scientific discoveries in the field of brain regeneration, however, many of these discoveries are not taught in mainstream medicine, and therefore not prescribed.

CAP changes that! We analyze your current brain health based on the Symptom_Tree and Brain Gauge tests. We create your CAPcare Plan that informs you why you are experiencing your symptoms and recommend a personalized roadmap to heal your brain.

A multi-faceted approach is required to heal something as complex as the human brain. Regenerative therapies are recommended based on your symptom profile and may include any of the following therapeutic treatments:

  • strategies to deliver more oxygen to damaged tissues,
  • mitigate inflammatory responses in the brain,
  • provide the building blocks to expedite the healing process,
  • address cervical dysfunction,
  • modify the expression of the beneficial genes, or
  • changes in lifestyle that result in re-establishing normal brain function
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