Welcome to CAP Health!

CAP Health offers a revolutionary, proactive approach to health and wellness for young and old alike at our beautiful downtown clinic right across from the Kerby LRT station and via our state-of-the-art telehealth model. As the flagship clinic for CAP Corporation, we offer unique patented programs for concussion prevention and brain repair that enable you to achieve your peak body and brain health at every age!

At CAP Health, we take inspiration from the greatest minds in the world from Da Vinci and Tesla to Pythagoras and Kodaly, and our knowledge and experiences gained in the world of brain research, biophysics, sports medicine, athletic training, nutrition, wellness, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, music, and art. These inspirations are reflected in all that we do. CAP Sages can assess and treat your body and brain to deliver unimaginable improvements in your wellness, happiness, athletic performance, and cognitive function - 4 life.

The sages do not treat those who have already fallen ill, but rather those who are not yet ill. - Confucius

The CAP Matrix

What if we told you we could unlock a new dimension in your cognitive and physical potential not otherwise possible?  Continue reading to learn how!

We analyze and optimize your brain and body by looking through an entirely different lens using our unique sensorimotor test and The CAP Matrix. Your cognitive health impacts every aspect of your health, well-being, and physical condition. Our brains thrive and develop from the presentation of novel stimulus. The more varied, complex and challenging the stimulus the better.

The CAP Matrix is a one-of-a-kind assessment and training tool we implement to take your cognitive and physiological health to the next dimension 4 Climbers, and 4 Athletic Tune Up.

We take a “wholelistic” approach that considers all aspects of your health. While you may assume you need to see a Massage Therapist or Chiropractor, that may not be the case, or you may need a combination of treatments and therapies. 


With every new patient we begin with a comprehensive assessment to provide a complete picture of your current health and, your ultimate health goals.  A Minding Your Matter Plan is generated just for you that addresses your short-term health issues as well as long-term proactive recommendations for your overall health.  Taking a proactive approach is the key to maintaining and achieving peak health in all aspects of your life!


“You are never too old to get younger.”   - Mae West

CAP Sages

Ace 5x4

Dr. Ace Casiano

Clinic Director | Chiropractor

Dr. Amy Morrison

Naturopathic Doctor

Erin Kerby


Shawn Nolan

Registered Massage Therapist
Jenny 5x4

Jenny Suganob

Registered Massage Therapist

Jorge Palacios

Registered Massage Therapist

Kim Adolphe

CEO & Founder