RAM4 Concussion Prevention

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Brooke Eveleigh is a physiotherapist with Parkway Physiotherapy in Langford, B.C. talks about how they are implementing CAP’s RAM4 Concussion Prevention program.

One Concussion is One Concussion Too Many!

RAM4 TEST and CAP Technology

To prevent concussions, athletes need to establish their concussion risk and neck strength as the first step. The RAM4 Test is the only machine in the world that can measure neck function relative to sport performance and safely simulate an actual sports impact to test the athletes’ concussion risk.

The CAP technology calculates the athletes’ vestibular and neurological reflex speeds’ contribution to the measured response during the RAM4 Test and the requirements for concussion prevention. Combined with other collected data such as neck length, width, and weight, biometric algorithms are used to establish the athlete’s individual CAP Safety Standard.

The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME) International Congress 2018 in Toronto, ON, Canada, clinically validated the RAM4 machine and CAP technology to safely test the risk of sustaining a concussion. Research conducted at the University of Alberta presented the validation results, concluding that this technology is useful for evaluating the effect of neck strength on head injury caused by collisions during North American football, ice-hockey, soccer, and other contact sports.

Dr. Rouhani and his team conducted independent research to demonstrate the RAM4 Tests’ efficiency in reducing the risk of concussion. They specifically studied the contribution of individual neck muscles to the reduction of angular head acceleration in simulated sports contact. They successfully identified the optimal ratio of strength between muscle groups that strength training should strive to achieve to reduce angular acceleration in common scenarios of impact.


Athletes can take control of their concussion risk throughout their sports career. A RAM4 Report is generated when they complete the test which they can access by signing into the capbraingain.com website from any device. The RAM4 Report provides a detailed analysis of the athlete’s RAM4 test performance and neck strength.

  • The CAP 4 All and CAP 4 Trainers eLearning courses are accessible to coaches and athletes. These courses provide the foundational exercises that can be easily implemented into regular training practices, only requiring 10 – 15 minutes twice a week.
  • As athletes develop higher levels of concussion resistance, they are re-tested at progressively higher impact forces and narrower performance ranges.
  • After 32 weeks and re-testing, athletes are introduced to sport-specific training exercises (level 2).
  • After exceeding level 2, which takes 64 weeks, specialized exercises are populated in athletes’ online training logs, which they can access by signing into the CAP website.

Strength training is not equal or effective at reducing concussions. Specific exercises must be trained in certain ways to develop the qualities of strength that have functional carryover for protection. CAP training exercises are scientifically designed for maximum carryover and tailored to different sports.

Our CAP training exercises offer many health and athletic performance benefits, such as improving sprinting, slapshots, heading a ball, overall torso strength, and balance.

Educate and Empower Athletes and Stakeholders

At the core of everything we do is educating athletes, parents, coaches, and trainers about concussion prevention, protective training protocols, advanced rehabilitation strategies, and other facets of cognitive and physical health.


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