No more guesswork!  No more green lights to return to sport when athletes are not ready! 

CAP baseline testing is accurate and completely removes any subjectivity. 

All other baseline testing relies on subjective questions and, according to the Consensus Statement on Concussions – Zurich Concussion Guidelines, should not be the only assessment done. These findings were corroborated with research conducted by the University of Windsor which found that as many as 55% of baseline tests were invalid.

The Concussion in Sport Group acknowledges that “the science of concussion is incomplete and therefore management and return to play decisions lie largely in the realm of clinical judgement on an individualized basis’. 

How Is Our Baseline Testing Different and Why Is It So Accurate For Assessing Concussions?

CAP Baseline Testing implements The Brain Gauge, a technology that uses sensory stimuli to probe specific brain functions.

  • Over 130 published papers.
  • Developed in conjunction with the Office of U.S. Naval Research.
  • Measures deficits after concussed patients are cleared by other baseline tests and physicians.
  • The only baseline test with the accuracy required to measure reaction time variability (Holden et al., 2019).

These 3 diagnostics were of an athlete who came to CAP after she was given the green light to return to sport following SCAT 5, ImPact, and balance testing – a multi-modal approach. She didn’t feel she was ready. She was right!

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I have been a Certified CAP Trainer for two years now completing both the CAP 4 Trainers and CAP for Sledding eLearning courses. During that time, I have implemented the CAP exercises into my training regime with my luge athletes. They have been re-tested 4 times and their RAM Report results each time have shown tremendous improvement in their neck strength and concussion resistance! I’ve also seen an overall improvement in their athletic performance. The parents absolutely love it! I would recommend the RAM 4 Concussion program to all coaches and trainers for their athletes

Guntis Reikis

4x Luge Olympian, Coach - Alberta Luge Association


The CAP Return to Sport Protocol ensures that athletes are fit both neurologically and biomechanically, removing all the guesswork and inaccurate testing that has been the status quo. The RAM test ensures the athlete is not at risk of a secondary concussion. 

The patented RAM technology has been clinically validated by the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering to assess the risk of concussion in athletes by simulating a sports impact and measuring their head kinematics. The RAM test and CAP technology is the only solution of its kind in the world that measures neck function relative to sport-specific performance to assess concussion risk, and mitigate that risk with scientifically designed, sport specific exercises, independently tailored for the unique nuances of the athlete, regardless of gender, age, sport, or physical morphology.

The CAP Return to Sport Protocol will dramatically reduce secondary impact syndrome and give coaches, athletes, parents, doctors, and all stakeholders, peace of mind that the athlete is ready to return.