Take control of your concussion risk and brain health for life by getting your brain and body tested! The CAP Baseline Testing Protocol empowers athletes to take a proactive approach to brain health and concussion prevention!

  • Baseline tests that are easy to memorize and rely on subjective questions are gone!
  • Baseline testing is no longer strictly for pre and post comparisons to assess if the athlete sustained a concussion!
Here’s How!

CAP conducts two unique tests for brain and body in addition to other well known industry assessments.

  • The patented Brain Gauge measures brain function and cognitive deficits through an objective sensorimotor test. We not only provide a baseline for brain health, but also identify issues and make recommendations to proactively improve short- and long-term brain health.
  • The patented RAM4 machine calculates concussion risk by assessing the strength and biomechanics of the neck and cervical spine. The test results are measured against the CAP Goals (Safety Standards).
Brain Gauge Technology
  • Over 140 published papers.
  • Developed in conjunction with the Office of U.S. Naval Research.
  • Brain Gauge measures deficits after concussed patients are cleared by other baseline tests and physicians.
  • It is the only baseline test with the accuracy required to measure reaction time variability (Holden et al., 2019).

CAP conducted a Brain Gauge Assessment of an athlete who came to us after being given the green light to return to sport following SCAT 5, ImPact, and balance testing – a multi-modal approach. The athlete didn’t feel ready for a return, and she was right!

RAM4 Concussion Prevention

The RAM4 Test is the only technology in the world that measures neck function relative to sport performance to assess concussion risk.

The Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering validated the RAM4 machine to safely and accurately test concussion risk. The RAM4 machine compares the movement velocity of the torso to the amplitude velocity, and rotation of the head motion. The total G forces, magnitude, and speed of the head tilt tell us exactly how the neck would respond to a concussion-inducing impact.

Improving Concussion Resistance

Not all strength training is equal or effective at reducing concussion risk. The functional carryover for protection requires specific ways of trained exercises.

Young soccer athletes between 9 and 14 years old, both male and female, were RAM4 tested and then completed CAP exercises for 4 months and retested. Data was collected for research purposes.

Peer-reviewed research was conducted by Canadian and International Universities and concluded that CAP exercises are effective for reducing concussion risk.

Our CAP eLearning courses are included in this program for coaches, trainers, and athletes to learn how to implement the CAP exercises.

Performance Tracking

The RAM4 tests functional carryover and, as concussion results improves, athletes are retested at progressively higher impact forces to set new concussion protection goals.

CAP provides objective, measurable, science-based interventions, and treatments if a mTBI or concussion is suspected.

The Concussion in Sport Group acknowledges that “the science of concussion is incomplete and therefore management and return-to-play decisions lie largely in the realm of clinical judgement on an individualized basis.”


The CAP protocol ensures our patients are fit both neurologically and physically before we give the green light to return. Our Return to Sport-Work Protocol will dramatically reduce secondary impact syndrome and give all stakeholders peace of mind.

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