Infrared Saunas (IR) offer versatile forms of electromagnetic wavelengths known as infrared light that induces neural stimulatory effects as well as promotes a wide range of therapeutic benefits in cells.  New research has shown that different forms of IR light have clear clinical benefits.


Historically, IR Saunas have been used to assist in detoxification of harmful chemicals that could only be released through sweat. Today, IR Saunas are becoming recognized as a useful adjunct therapy for:


  1. Neural Stimulation – Nerve damage, nerve pain, and athletic recovery.
  1. Skin Photoaging- Optimizing gene expression in your skin to help rejuvenate collagen and reverse age-related skin damage.
  1. Preventative Health – Remove harmful chemicals to reduce the formation of tumors by optimizing immune/mitochondrial function.
  1. Athletic Recovery – Increase ATP levels in muscle tissue, improve concentration of structured water known as Exclusion Zone or “EZ water” which is critical to many aspects of performance and health, and increase BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) adding another level of protection against long term cognitive decline.
  1. Musculoskeletal Injuries – Reduce the time required to heal by enhancing circulation, reducing inflammation and optimizing cellular energy.
  1. Haplotype Support – Optimizes mitochondrial function.
Single Use: $30
5 Pack: $25/session, $125